Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Disappointing Announcement

Every time I think Hollwood has reached its lowest point creatively, somehow it manages to whip out a shovel and dig a bit further down.

The reason I say that is I've just read a report that a reboot of Mr. and Mrs. Smith is in the works.

I will say that again. Someone thinks it is a good idea to reboot a movie that is less than 5 years old that is not based on intellectual property from another medium.

Seriously, there are literally thousands of screenplays written and pitches made a year, and yet, one of the ideas they are going to bite on is essentially a prequel without the major stars of the first movie branded as a reboot.

I even take issue with the term "reboot" in this case because it isn't like James Bond or even Spiderman where there is a canon of existing films that a new version of things can play against. There is one disappointingly so-so action movie out there and they want to replicate some of the success they had with it.

Is it just me or do they not realize that the thing that sold the movie to some theatergoers was the real life narrative of the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston triangle?

Unless there was some kind of drama like that attached to the picture, well, I don't think it will have much success.

I also say that because the reason the producers want to make different casting choices is due to the costs of securing the previous cast. If money is an issue, do you think they are prepared to spend money in other areas? I have my doubts.

I really hope this project doesn't reach fruition because there are so many other things that I would love to see that money put towards in Hollywood.


AG said...

YOu know, the last thing I read before I dropped in today was the John Mayer interview in Playboy. And. Now. This. Why didn't I get the memo that we'd declared Suckorama Wednesday?

Arjan said...

omfg. There goes all hope.
I watched '#1' mainly because it looked funny and Jolie was hot.
Maybe if they wait 20 years..hmm wait no..still not worth remaking. It's not like it was an instant classic.

MC said...

Yes, yesterday was a sucky humpday indeed AG.

And Arjan, I was disappointed with the first one mainly because the way I thought it should end was indeed filmed, but they put a different ending on it.