Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Yay Moments this Weekend

- Ugly Betty got it new time slot... it is going to be on Wednesdays at 10. It was something that was rumored to be happening, but it now looks like it is confirmed.

- This dude beat John Cena in a tables match at a WWE Pay-per-view to become a champion.... woot to new blood vying for belts, especially on RAW! The fact that it is the Irish bodybuilder version of Mythbusters' Adam Savage, well, that is just a bonus really.

-Pee Wee Herman's coming back. Woo Hoo!


Dalton J. Fox said...

It's no secret that I despise John Cena, so I was very happy to see him lose the belt. However, I think they might be pushing Sheamus to far too quickly.

I'm not sold on the guy at all. I mean, since when does feuding with Jamie Noble and Goldust earn one a WWE Championship push? Just my opinion. We'll see how it works out. For now, though, I don't buy Sheamus as a credible champion.

Truthfully, I'd much rather have seen that spot go to Kofi or Morrison or MVP or even Swagger. It would've been more believable because all of those guys are somewhat established, but it would've still played the whole "young guy getting a push to the title" angle.

Can't believe Cena lost the belt and I'm bitching about it. Nevermind the previous rant. GO SHEAMUS!

Mayren said...

when i saw the advert trailing the last episode of "Ugly Betty" i actually thought of you and your previous post MC. heheeh

MC said...

Dalton: If it had been say Drew McIntyre, I don't think I would have been enthusiastic, but there is just something about Sheamus that I like. And I am a huge MVP fan, so I would have loved to have seen him get that opportunity, but I've made my peace with that. Over at Bleacher Report, someone wrote an article stating that no matter which younger star had taken Cena out, people would have complained about it. The way I think about it is this... most of the other options proved that they really couldn't pull off the job... Sheamus's lack of exposure on WWE means that aside from a couple of ECW losses... he is a blank slate... he can be as strong as they want to make him. And I do remember another pale skin/orange haired freak debuting in secret on the old WWF and becoming a dominant force in the company for years to come... someone who after that initial gimmick became an institution, the mark that others are judged by. Can you imagine what the IWC would have been saying after that Undertaker debut at Survivor Series... they'd rip that dude apart like they are doing to Sheamus now. At some point, I could even see him going face.

Mayren: Now I am still wondering if this is going to be the last season or if ratings are going to improve

Dalton J. Fox said...

A lot of what I've read about Sheamus beating Cena has actually been pretty positive. I'm just still waiting to be convinced I guess.