Monday, November 23, 2009

Randomness: Peanuts, Zine World, Myspace

-I know I can get stuff like Bacon Salt and a lot of other different flavoring elements in a shakable form, but are their any commercially available spice combinations that mimic the spice blend they put on prepackaged dry roasted peanuts. I mean, that is something I would gladly pay good money to have in shaker form.

-I received an email from someone who worked for Zine World regarding my post about how much I missed zines and it really made my day. Turns out this gentleman ended up moving on to greener pastures writing for an alt-weekly I used to pick up all the time before I moved. It really is a small world.

-I use an older version of Firefox (not a super old one). Apparently Myspace doesn't want my patronage at all because they will not let me access the site until I upgrade my perfectly functional browser. And yet, they'll let me in with an ancient version of another browser (from 2000!) and another browser which is much older than my Firefox. If my browser can interpret CSS, HTML and Javascript, I think it is capable of viewing your site.... and keeping me out because I don't have the newest version of a browser is absolute bullshit, so Tom and his merry band of pranksters can all FOAD. I didn't think keeping people out of your social networking site supported by ads was something you were looking to do.


Jeremy Barker said...

You don't want to be on MySpace anyway, regardless of the browser.

MC said...

I just want to check out bands.

Kristyn said...

My Firefox updates all by itself. Sometimes (most of the time) I wish I could tell it to quit that and let me chose.

Also, ditto on the peanuts. I love dry roasted peanuts and honey roasted peanuts!

Semaj said...

Peanut: I really do want that flavor (formula?) given out.

Myspace: That just seems strange that they won't let you into their shitty site. Did this happen after the redesign of Myspace? Just curious. BTW, I love that they've completely ripped off Facebook's design now.

MC said...

Kristyn: Look under Tools > Options > Advanced > Update to turn that off (if that is still available).

Semaj: There is a way around it, but still, it just seems like a bad strategy all around.