Friday, November 06, 2009

No Doubt Sues Activision

The band No Doubt is suing Activision over an issue which I feel is rather silly, but which they take very seriously.

No Doubt agreed to appear in the game Band Hero, and now they are upset that within the game, the band can be chosen by the player to play any song. That's it. Their virtual image isn't being used to have virtual sex, do drugs, commit violent acts or anything unseemly... they are simply able to be used as the covering band, doing the thing that they do as themselves.

Now does anyone really think that a digitalized version of No Doubt lip synching to Y.M.C.A by the Village People or ABC by the Jackson Five is going to irreparably harm their image?

I mean, when Guitar Hero: Aerosmith or Metallica came out, did the fact that those bands in question were playing music by other artists somehow diminish them? No. So how come all of a sudden No Doubt feels that they are so special that being associated with other artists of their caliber somehow makes them less. If anything, they are elevated above them rather than being sublimated by them... so if anyone should be bringing suit, it is those artists who are not being represented like that.

When I mentioned this story on a game trading site I frequent, it turned out I was of the minority position because there is a lot of hate towards Activision for their perceived and real slights against gaming fans and such, and the general consensus seems to be that Activision is evil and they deserve what they get.

Am I really the crazy one in all this?


Lee Sargent said...

That is a really weird court case, I mean does it really matter? I would think that fans of the band would like to play as them and since we all know that the music industry is all about the fans then...


Yeah that's right.


Kristyn said...

Honestly, I'm a little surprised by this. It begs the question: What did they think their images would be doing when they agreed to appear on Guitar Hero? Do they not play the game?

If they're really upset about this, they seriously need to get a life. Seems to me they're just being petty.

Arjan said...

@ Lee, funny you end your comment with 'Nevermind' because I think the old band members of Nirvana complained that Kurt Cobain wouldn't have wanted his image being used to sing completely out-of-his-genre music or something along that line. But, well those rights are in Courtney's hands.

On's faaar too much to sue over this. They sold some rights and should just laugh over this.

Semaj said...

I have to side with you on this, MC. I also have to wonder if No Doubt is also doing this to get their name out there, because no one has been talking about them in years.

And, to your other point, all forms of gamers would love to see Activision go down. Even if they should side with you, they really hate Activision more.

If I were Activision, I’d just remove their songs from the game through an update, but I’d have to wonder if they would do it with DJ Hero too? (Gwen Stefani is in that game)

MC said...

Lee: That was one of my arguments. It is wish fulfillment for fans.

Kristyn: They thought they would appear on their songs... but that does not a playable character make. I think their ultimate motivation is more money from the deal.

Arjan: Courtney Love is making a fuss too, despite the fact that she signed the contracts. What I saw a lot of people noting was in the annals of music, Cobain wasn't that stellar of a guitarist to begin with, so they thought it was odd that he was a Guitar Hero.

Semaj: The argument I made to someone was it was like a dispute between two third parties... one who you didn't like in high school and the other who ran over your dog when you were a kid. Despite the facts, clearly you are going to hold a grudge towards someone in that equation.

Tracey said...

I cannot believe they are seriously taking legal action over this...

I kind of forgot for a second that they were still together as a band... I really think they need to get over themselves.

MC said...

You know, come to think of it, I didn't know they were still together either.