Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If this is true, ABC just made my day

I had a completely different post in mind for today, but I read something juicy on an entertainment site, something that I couldn't wait to talk about, so I preempted today's scheduled post.

This is a story which almost mimics the very show it is about.

It all starts with the disastrous failure of ABC's Eastwick to find a consistent audience on Wednesday nights. After its initial run of 13 episodes, it looks like it isn't coming back.

The prevailing thought was that Lost would soon come in after that and take the 10PM Wednesday slot in January... but there is a rumor going around that another ABC show may end up taking that time slot instead.

Ugly Betty.

Why would the network be considering such a move? Well, the prevailing wisdom seems to be that their successes with their other comedy series on that night might prove to be a great lead in to a show which, despite the network's previous death sentence time slot, they still apparently believe in the series.

It is my hope that if they do indeed end up with that time slot that the show brings back some of its gay elements that were stripped over the past year and a half, like Marc in a relationship, and perhaps Justin's first forays into the world of dating in the open, because I think that would strengthen the whole package. And with Eastwick's cancellation, I guess Alex Meade is back in play too.

I know that this time slot would likely reinvigorate my love for the series, and I would choose it over the other show which I've been watching on cable for years now.

If it comes to pass, I know there will likely be a lot of Lost fans who are disappointed, though a solution that I've heard bandied about in comment sections is that perhaps Lost and Flash Forward would also be put into a block so that they strengthen each other as a unit.

But somehow I think Lost is getting the Wednesday slot no matter what because it still has the juice at the moment.


Kristyn said...

I haven't seen 'Ugly Betty' but I hear it's hilarious. It seems natural that shows with the same nature should be put together, but that can be as much of a death sentence as not putting them together.

'Moonlight' comes to mind. I loved that show, it was on CBS for one season before it got the axe. What were they saying about why it wasn't renewed? It and 'Ghost Whisperer' weren't a good fit together on Friday nights. I was pretty shocked and unhappy, it seems like if anything, the two could/would have worked together to bring in more fans for each show.

I like 'Ghost Whisperer,' but I stopped watching it after that. CBS is so fickle, when you start liking a show they axe it. Very discouraging to viewers.

I have to say, though, I don't like 'Lost,' nor 'Flash Forward,' and to put 'Lost' with comedy seems a bit unseemly to me. They should put the drama with the drama.

Just my 2 (and maybe 1/2) cents. :)

Mayren said...

I love Ugly Betty. I'm really rooting for it to prevail but i have this feeling that this could be the last season.

(Fancy bumping into Kris here heheeh)

I am not a Lost fan either. I stopped watching after the middle of Season 3, but i think blocks of genres do much better than crazy pairings so i hope it will work out.

My fave current back to back show is Big Bang Theory and How I Met your Mother... How I met is getting kinda old but i i'm still in there with Big Bang. That show makes me laugh every episode.

MC said...

Kristyn: I think Fox is the network most notorious for canceling shows that are getting some buzz... I thought it was interesting seeing that CBS picked up Medium and has made a block on Friday with the aforementioned Ghost Whisperer.

Mayren: I think it might be the last season too. I just hope that if it is that everyone ends up on the same page (and the worst case scenario in all this is that everyone involved thinks it is the last season, so they move towards a climax and then have the network say they have another season, so the writers will have to come up with ways of working around their own ending).

Kristyn said...

Honestly, MC, I think CBS was just trying to get rid of Moonlight. If it wasn't getting watched, they could have just said that. The fact that they put Medium with Ghost Whisperer seems a bit hypocritical, given their "reasons" for canceling Moonlight.

I don't watch much Fox. I only watch Family Guy on Fox, and Football, so I can't speak to their canceling shows. I know one thing, the likelihood that they'll cancel Family Guy is really small. :)

MC said...

Fox is so synonymous with cancellation that when a seemingly off-beat show is premiering on the network, critics actually joke about its chances on Fox given their long history of getting some die hard fans really into the show and then pulling it.

Though NBC canceling a season of Last Comic Standing before the final episode is the high water mark for a network screwing over the viewing public.