Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Express Checkout: 5 Things that I can't make a Pun with

- When I first read the story that comedian David Cross snorted cocaine in the presence of Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, that fact didn't shock me. What did shock me was the revelation that Cross is dating former Joan of Arcadia star, Amber Tamblyn (and that was the reason he got to go). And I don't know about you, but somehow, Larry the Cable Guy gained a lot of points in all this, because while he may play a redneck jackass for his fans, I think even he would have had the class not to snort coke in front of a sitting president.

- Over the weekend, my mother showed me a talking doll that she is going to give to my niece for Christmas, and part of the doll's programming is that she can read from a book of nursery rhymes... and when this was demonstrated to me, I was sort of appalled by something. It was almost a caricature of the Canadian accent... it was unbelievably broad. Granted, I haven't traveled across this great land, so maybe everybody but me and the rest of the people in my neck of the woods actually talks like that... but I've never heard that accent on television or on other media except when someone was mocking the accent (I swear, it is almost a McKenzie Brothers accent minus the ehs.). I know part of the issue with me has to do with how slowly the doll speaks so that a toddler can clearly understand the words, but it is still a surprisingly thick accent.

- I read over the weekend that Paul Haggis has left the Church of Scientology, and in doing so, it revealed just how in the dark the membership is about things that the organization is doing outside of the group. With filtering software on their computers and internal pressure not to question things, it seems that it takes a lot to push someone over the edge enough that individuals start looking for answers outside the group. I think Haggis's realization that he knows that the group is going to try to discredit him by using his own admissions during auditing against him was especially telling, and having that knowledge makes his public break from the Church that much braver. It is unfortunate that other members will likely not see things the way he has presented them however, rather, they will get a version which is twisted and missing its most critical parts. In short, he is going to be painted as some loony suppressive person who no one in the church should listen to, or that he is simply mistaken.

- Anyone taking bets on how long DMX, who isn't training BTW, is going to last in his first MMA bout? I am saying less than 60 seconds.

- I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Spike Lee should be quiet for a while and just let his work as a director speak for him after he starting going after Tyler Perry. Look, I am not a fan of Perry's films, but I think when you are criticizing someone in your industry when you are in a position to, I don't know, make a movie which shows why what the other person is doing is deleterious, then that's what you should do. What I am really getting from this whole thing is that Spike Lee may be more upset that Tyler Perry's movies make more money than his own (and I think Oprah supporting Perry wholeheartedly probably irks him too).


Semaj said...

Paul Haggis: Yep, he’s going to have a harder time finding work and that the church will now go all “fair game” ™ on him. I just hope he knows how hard they’ll come after him. He came out during a very difficult time for the church (PR wise).

DMX: Does this guy even make records anymore? First that stupid videogame thing and now this. I’m not sure how he’ll even last one second due to the heavy drugs he’s been into lately.

Spike Lee/Perry: I have to agree with you partly. I think part of it is jealousy. Spike comes out and shouts from the mountaintop whenever he’s pissed off. I think there is a bit of that because Perry’s movies make more money. Lee has made some turds in his day (Girl 6 or She Hate Me)

However, I think it is strange that a large portion of the black community supports the Perry movies, but refuse to watch other black movies that are higher caliber, such as Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, or School Dazes. These movie by in large speak to the black community and say, “We can do better, but we need to clean up our act first.”

You will not believe how my of my fellow African-Americans tell me they find Lee’s movies boring.

Sadly, we don’t support those movies, but will come out in full force for Perry’s movies instead. I think Spike just doesn’t know how to discuss it.

Just from a different POV,

Great post, btw

Arjan said...

- Scientology: they'll always be a bunch of scary mofo's.

- DMX: Allhiphop.com had an interview about this and he shortly mentions a new album coming up. I think he might be sobered up enough at the moment to bring out some good stuff again.
He'll probably go down in the MMA fight fairly quick..having to tap the canvas.

- Doll : eh so you wouldn't know anything aboot speaking with such a thick accent? ;) I don't hear too much Canadians talking so I wouldn't know, but I believe you.

@ the rest..I'm living across the ocean so I only know who Obama is :)

MC said...

Semaj: Re: Lee... it isn't like white people are spending all their time watching the modern equivalent of Citizen Kane every day either. As a united culture, we just love crap... it doesn't matter what race you are... crap sells, quality bombs. Hell, even I like crap more than the supposed "quality" pictures.

Re: Haggis. I think he is likely in a better position than a lot of the other people who have left the church publicly because of his acclaim and success. He can probably weather the fair game part of this because of those connections.

Re: DMX- I wish I would have reposted that mugshot again.

Arjan: It is like what Mike Meyers did to the Anglo-Dutch accent in Goldmember... someone may actually talk like that, but I have a feeling you don't know anyone who speaks English with that particular accent.

Arjan said...

he did that yes...

There are even movies where someone says they're speaking Dutch and then some crappy German comes out...darn funny.

MC said...

Well, I suppose they could try to slip some French in there just to make it worse.