Friday, September 04, 2009

Is it just me?

Every time I see ads for Gamer, and they show Michael C. Hall doing the following:

it makes me think that somehow he is recreating a scene from Grease or West Side Story. I mean, it is dangerously close to jazz hands or spirit fingers, and the whole cut seems to start with him snapping his fingers.

I am comfortable with a story about a kid playing a game with a real human being as his proxy. Where Michael C. Hall and his character's fetish for interpretive theatrical dance comes into all that... I can only speculate. But it sort of freaks me out a little bit every time I see it because it makes no sense.

Oh, I know, they are remaking the climactic dance scene from Love is a Battlefield. Yeah, that's the ticket. I mean, that's the only plausible explanation I can come up with. But that leads to further questions. Like why would he do that?


Megan said...

Because the climactic dance scene from Love is a Battlefield is pure gold. That's why.

MC said...

Are you thinking about it right now... that is the question.

Download Dexter Episodes said...

Sprit fingers ala "Bring it on" maybe?! Can't wait to see how Michael C. Hall does in Gamer. I always see him as Dexter... Never got into Six Feet Under.. Some people have said they always think he looks gay! :-(

The previews of Gamer make him look twisted and controlling... not a far stretch ;-)