Friday, September 11, 2009

Announcement for Next Week

I have something special planned for this blog next week.

In lieu of a bunch of random posts, I will be doing a series of posts counting down top 25 Playstation 2 games I've ever played, plus I may do a supplemental post to discuss certain titles which others may believe should have been on the list and/or the reasons why they did not appear.

And as you can imagine, it is going to be a project that is going to take up a lot of bandwidth over here (with lots of images, links etc), so there will be no midweek video either.

Just giving everyone a heads up for what to expect, and if this goes well, there may be additional longer and more detailed lists in the future. This one is sort of like a pilot project, a proof of concept, as well as a way for me to really explore my geeky side. And you all get to come along for the ride (or not, that's cool too, as I know this might not be up everyone's alley).


Megan said...

I'll try to keep awake.


MC said...

hehe ;)