Monday, August 03, 2009

Pop Culture Q and A #2

So, who should just go away?
Megan Fox. Gone. I thought the goal of being a celebrity that was supposed to open movies was that you were on some level likable and barring that bare minimum, at least you had some talent that made watching a performance worth overlooking your less than desirable personality traits. She fails both of these criteria. This is the first and last time I am ever going to say this, but I am pleading with the entertainment media.... please talk about Paris Hilton some more instead of interviewing Megan Fox, because at least the former has some sense that their fame is an artificial construction and has some sense when giving interviews that you don't have to say everything that comes to mind. Part of me wonders when Megan Fox and Billy Bob Thorton are getting together, because those two would likely have a lot to talk about, and if they are talking to each other, well, then I don't have to hear either of them.

What about news that Michael Moore is thinking of starting a comedy festival in his adopted town Traverse City, Michigan?
Well, as you know, Michael Moore is one of those people who is on my enemies list because of both his unethical and somewhat shoddy work as a documentarian and his history as a less than stellar person. I know Traverse City could use the increased visibility as a town of the arts (as Moore also have a film festival in that town), but there is a firsthand story about a store mentioning that festival in a way that Moore didn't like and getting some legal attention from him because of it, so I could see a few more businesses in that kind of situation again. And let's face it, Moore is such a target for a particular segment of the political spectrum that any comic who did perform there would at least get chewed out on Fox News or certain websites and at worst, could find their careers put on hold, even if they themselves are apolitical, just because they are now associated with Michael Moore.

Simon Cowell had Botox?
I don't give a shit. I know the plastic surgery selling community does, but if it doesn't turn a personality into a zombie-faced goon like Nicole Kidman, then it doesn't really concern me.

Speaking of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has put on weight?

Well, aren't you disgusted by that. That is what the weberazzi indicate you should feel by that news?
I don't like her music, but if she put on weight and she doesn't look like some wafer thin mint of a woman like those same people rip on for being anoxeric or drug addicts, then more power to her. If she is comfortable with whatever weight she is at, then those other people can go fuck themselves. It is as simple as that.

Corey Feldman, asshole or douchebag?

Care to explain?
Do I really have to? OK, I will in a later post.

Don't you think it was weird that Mark Wahlberg and Ali Larter both got married on Saturday (to different people naturally)?
The only thing I wonder is if Entourage is going to suddenly turn into a different show now. But seriously, I would have thought it was weird if the former Ms. Larter got married in a whip cream bikini and Mark Wahlberg was actually convincing in the role of groom and not wooden like he usually is. But I did hear he said hello to everyone's mother after the ceremony.

Speaking of weddings, what do you think of Demi Moore taking Ashton Kutcher's last name?
I think Bruce Willis must be pissed... I mean, she didn't commit to their marriage like that, did she? And it isn't like she is doing a lot of movies at the moment, so there will be less confusion for everyone involved in the future.


Dalton J. Fox said...

MC, I know you're not a fan of Megan Fox, but you gotta at least admit she's easy on the eyes. Right? I'll even agree that she needs to just shut her mouth and look good.

And Kelly Clarkson, with or without a weight gain, I'd still do her.

MC said...

There are numerous other actresses who are both easier on the eyes and on the psyche.