Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ashton Kutcher Can Kiss My Ass

"If the fat people just gave the skinny people more food, we could all just eat... We could solve obesity and hunger at the same time."

Ashton Kutcher, showing why he is so well known as a sensitive and thoughtful advocate for the science of nutrition and Nobel laureate.

Wait a minute... he isn't that. He is just someone who not only played an idiot on TV, but is one in real life as well.

And correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Ashton Kutcher also a proponent of the organic food movement? You know, the kind of farming that according to the father of the Green Revolution, can only support 4 billion people? I don't think me eating an extra Twinkie now and then is going to consign 3 billion people to death.

I mean, I don't really care if you eat organic, because that is consumer's choice... as long as you don't start talking out of your ass about how other people are screwing things up.

So I think I speak for every person with obesity issues when I say "Fuck you Ashton Kutcher!"


Semaj said...

Thank you,

I can't stand this D-bag since he married Demi Moore. Now, he's known more for his stupid Tweets than acting making movie.

I REALLY hate this guy.

MC said...

I think he was always a douchebag, but now he has the time and the platform to run with it (I mean, no one is vetting his twitter feed, not even Demi).

Megan said...

He's an idiot.

Mayren said...

HELLS YA ! (hifive)

themom said...

What a goof!

MC said...

Well, I am glad we are all in agreement about his douchiness.