Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Express Checkout: Paging Diaz, Hill and Hasselback

-If there was any doubts in your mind about how accomplished an actor or performer you have to be to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this just in. Cameron Diaz received one, and she is following in the illustrious footsteps of such luminaries as Ryan Seacrest, David Spade, and John Tesh.

-Jonah Hill is attempting to get a remake of the television series 21 Jump Street as a comedic cinematic vehicle as the writer, executive producer and as an actor. I've speculated amongst my few friends that Hill is likely going to take up the role of Doug Penhall, originally played by Peter Deluise. Part of me (okay, most of me) thinks that going in a comedic direction with this property is a bad idea, because there have been so many comedies about adults infiltrating a high school setting. My only hope is if it is a comedy, that at some point Richard Grieco gets a random cameo or even shout out.

-Elisabeth Hasselback is being sued for plagiarism over a cookbook on celiac disease she "wrote" and had published last month. Since this blog basically got started busting someone's chops over something like this, well, this feels almost like going home really... and since I love bashing on people like Mrs. Hasselback, who got famous from reality tv, this is going to be sweet. Ahem. *the ceremonial cracking of knuckles* I guess the reason Hasselback didn't rip on Cindy McCain because of her purloined Toll House cookie recipe that she stole from chocolate chip bag was merely professional courtesy... thieves look out for each other. Or how about "Elisabeth Hasselback is plagiarizing Ann Coulter daily." Or what about "Elisabth Hasselback released a statement calling the allegations against her ridiculous... Unfortunately, the magic marker she used to cross out JK Rowling's name on the statement was a highlighter." I could do this all day.


Arjan said...

'I could do this all day'.

Well, you're good at it so keep it coming ;)

Semaj said...

Hollywood walk of Fame: Couldnt agree with you more. There is no reason to give Tesh or Seacrest one.
The only acting gig I can think of for tesh is he played a damn Klingon in an episode of ST TNG. And he didnt even have any lines, he merely growls. I have to wonder if Mr. T or Gary Coleman have stars?

21 jump street: Richard Grieco must appear in the movie. What else does the he had planned? Does Grieco have a star?

Elisabeth Hasselback: I just read a story about Hasselback attacking Jon and Kate and telling them to stop their reality show. My problem is she herself came from a reality show.

Speaking of Kaavya Viswanathan, I wonder what happened to her? Is she hanging out with Richard Grieco?

MC said...

Arjan: I didn't write down all my insults, but some of the I wish I did.

Semaj: I loved that final line from your comment. I don't know what Richard Grieco or that young woman are doing these days. Maybe they are doing something together... it could happen. Not that he'd fit into a high school setting anymore. I am guessing he is getting people into the Roxbury.