Monday, May 04, 2009

Pop Culture Q & A: 1

Basically the premise of the feature is I ask myself a series of questions about rumors and such floating around the pop culture sphere at the moment. It is semi-meme like, but I thought it would be a little light and not too filling... so it should be a quick read.

Should Scrubs continue without Zach Braff?

Will it anyway?

Should Walmart be allowed to build a store need the site of the Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia?

Will they anyway?


Why not?
Robert Duvall.

Am I surprised someone from the cast of Top Gun came out of the closet?


Am I surprised it was Kelly McGillis?

Who did I think it was?
Tom Skerritt.

The Mustache.

Why not Tom Cruise?
He would never come out of the closet. That is what the Scientologists are holding over him.

Amy Winehouse checked into a hospital because of dehydration.
Is that what they are calling it now?

When do I think Chris Brown is going to get comeuppance?
I say sometime after October, but not later than next April.

If you would like me to answer a question about a particular event, person or media item, well, feel free to ask me in either the comments section or through email.


Semaj said...

Kelly McGillis: I had no idea. wow

Tom Cruise: That's what I heard too, but I also heard it had something to do with certain secrets about his ex-wife too.

I'd love to see more of these posts

MC said...

She just came out publicly this week. Part of me wonders if anything happened between her and Jodie Foster on the set of The Accused (and I don't mean that in a dirty, leery way).