Monday, April 13, 2009

Express Checkout: PETA, Pie and Kardashian, Kim Kardashian

  • Kim Kardashian is the latest Hollywood actress *ahem* to set their sights on becoming a Bond Girl. Because we all know her work on reality television and those horrific *Blank* Movie franchise films have utterly prepared her to play a substantive character in a James Bond film. In comparison, Jennifer Aniston, who I reported had similar ambitions, looks like Meryl Streep. Granted, Kardashian only really wants to kiss Daniel Craig, so the likelihood that either her or her agent would do the necessary legwork and prep for such a role is rather slim, which allows me to breath a sweet sigh of relief.

  • PETA has asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name to The Rescue Center Boys. I guess Phish wasn't receptive to naming themselves C-Kittens then. But in all seriousness, is this how PETA thinks their time would be best served? I mean, annoying bands and cities and the entire legislative branch of the U.S. Government with entreaties for them to change the name of something rather than, I don't know, going out and busting dog fighting rings and other illegal and questionable practices in the animal world... you know, real things that most people could get behind. That would make a lot more sense to me than trying to get Hamburg, Germany to change their name to Veggie Burger or whatever that stunt was about.

  • Tara Reid is supposedly scheduled to reprise her role as Vicki Latham in a 7th installment of the American Pie franchise. For those of you who don't seek out direct to DVD movies or watch a lot of TBS/Peachtree TV, you will likely be blissfully unaware that there were American Pie movies after American Wedding. For those of you who have actually seen one or more of those other movies, well, you have my sympathies. And this is the very situation that Tara Reid is going to be walking back into... along with Eugene Levy and Sherman Hemsley, so you know it is going to be a quality motion picture experience. But thinking of Tara Reid's fall from grace after the original American Pie movies, I also thought about the time in the early to mid 2000's when both Katie Holmes and Chris Klein, Reid's Pie costar were actually likable celebrity symbols. Now they are either punchlines or largely forgettable wooden relics of acting past.


Semaj said...

welcome back to the world of blogging.

Kim Kardashian shouldn't be allow in front of a Camera, unless it is another sex tape. I heard she was bad in the insanely bad “Blank” movie.

Tara Reid: I bet Tara Reid didn’t think she’d be doing cheap American Pie direct to DVD sequels.

I blame it all on her role Alone in the Dark but then again it could be all the boozing and drugging that did it.
Remember, we’ve talked about the American Pie Curse.

Could Shannon Elizabeth be far behind in reprising her role?

Micgar said...

Matt-I agree with Semaj-Kim shouldn't be allowed to make movies...unless they are...that err kind of movie.

MC said...

Semaj: I think you should run with that article... it was totally your idea.

Micgar: She seems like a perfectly nice girl though... I just don't think of her as an actress.