Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Joke that was built to last

Some jokes a comedian can run with for a lifetime. This is one of those jokes.

Pablo Francisco has been running with this joke forever. A lot of people do Don LaFontaine, but he really worked a particular angle with the joke that made it his. I remember seeing him do this joke (Little Tortilla Boy) back on the Jerry Lewis Telethon over a decade ago, and every time I would see him after that, he was telling the same joke.

I don't think this one will ever truly disappear.


Arjan said...

I didn't know this was so old. I think I saw it a couple of years ago, great piece.

I álso didn't see thís video to it.

MC said...

I found another video where you could tell that the audience knew the joke inside and out, and it was like a concert when the band plays the encore... they went nuts for it.