Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Don't Read Comics, But I Might Start Now

Longtime readers of this blog likely know that I was never really into comics at any point in my life, but I read news today which may make me reconsider that position.

You see, I learned that there is a comic being released that is based on The Warriors, Walter Hill's iconic 1979 adaptation of Sol Yurick's novel of the same name.

Given the fact that the source material was a retelling of the Anabasis and the rerelease of the movie was given some comic panel upgrades, moving the gang onto the canvas of comic books seems like a real winner to me.

I was very supportive of the Rockstar Games reinvention of the story because it not only utilized most of the talent from the original movie, but it added considerable value to the material with the addition of copious amounts of backstory. It made me appreciate the movie that much more on subsequent viewings.

And this new series of comic books looks to add to the legend of the little Coney Island gang which survived a brutal struggle to cross a city allied against them.

The first issue is scheduled to hit the shelves on February 18th, and MTV has a 10 page preview for those of you out there interested in taking a peak before then.

With all this attention being paid to the original movie, I can only hope that the remake fails utterly now.


elgringo said...

Here's what I'm thinking about these comics:

1. Oh hell yes! I'll buy them the day they come out...
1a. even though I don't love the illustration style...
1b. and it takes me back to the disappointing "Special Edition" DVD which only added those ridiculous combic book interludes.

2. The Warriors is the best movie ever.

Arjan said...

I'll go and take that peek..because I don't know anything about this.

MC said...

Elgringo: I had the joy of seeing The Warriors for the first time on cable without knowing anything about it... so I got to experience it completely fresh and with no expectations. I think it is one of those movies that is served well by that.

Arjan: You should check out the movie too.

elgringo said...

Arjan: Yes, you should!

MC said...

See, I suggest you make a double bill out of The Warriors and Streets of Fire, as they are both cultish Walter Hill movies about gangs.