Monday, February 02, 2009

How the Podcasts are coming along

The podcast is coming along nicely. I think that is the most positive way I can say it really.

I mean, I've gotten the basic structure of the podcast together, with the songs not only chosen for the first two podcasts, but arranged in their respective project files that make the following step a little easier... which involves me doing the speaking parts.

And that is the point I am at now. I recorded it, and I am in the midst of editing it down... and after hearing it not only come out of my mouth, but digitally reproduced for editing, let's just say I am a little disheartened.

I honestly believe that I was really never meant to hear myself for that long or with such repetition (because cutting the uhs, ums, long pauses and various other little bits out takes a lot of time and patience). I am not a naturally-gifted speaker, and it takes every ounce of the post-production magic I have at my disposal to not sound like I have some form of mental disorder. But I fear that my kung fu may not be up to the task of completely eliminating my deficiencies as a podcaster.

I don't know how people become so prolific at this medium. Not having to do multiple takes of everything probably helps. But seriously, it shouldn't take me a month to get something like this off the ground, should it? I feel like I sort of suck. Well, scratch the "sort of" part.

But hopefully the first one will be up by the end of the week.


Arjan said...

would it help to write down what you want to say? That way you should get a lot less uhm's. For the rest..practice is key *yadayada*

MC said...

I had a script and I still didn't do exceedingly well.

Semaj said...

good to hear it is coming along. I'm looking forward to it.

MC said...

If things go as planned, the first one should be up tomorrow.