Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eww... Damn 'Shippers

I happened to flip by a movie starring Alexandra Paul and Cynthia Gibb (so you know that was quality entertainment), and I noticed that the father from a tween-oriented television show was also in the movie, and having seen that actor in a few other things, I decided to look him up.

So I went to the imdb page for that show, Life with Derek, and I ended up down a rabbit hole that made me shudder and die a little bit inside.

The show, which airs on The Family Channel in Canada (where it is filmed) and on Disney Channels around the world, centers on the blended Venturi and MacDonald clan, who united in one house after marriage. It is a formula which was successful in the past, and it happens a lot, so it is good fodder for a television show.

Most of the plots revolve around the rivalry between the oldest children in the house, Derek Venturi, a slacking, semi-con artist and prankster and Casey MacDonald, a high strung, overachieving neurotic gal.

And in looking up that actor, I discovered that there are 'shippers rooting for these two step-siblings to get together as a couple. They call them Dasey. THEY MAKE VIDEOS!

What the hell is wrong with these people? Seriously! Of all the possible television relationships they want to see happen, they pick step siblings. *slow sarcastic applause* I know they aren't blood relations, but they are family, and it is sick. I am not a prude, but come on. I think most people would think that the idea of two step siblings having a relationship is weird and wrong (and thus the hilarious scenes with Greg and Marcia in A Very Brady Sequel and the bet in Cruel Intentions).

I mean, I know people who were grossed out that Michael C. Hall was dating and ultimately married his Dexter co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his foster sister. If that was bothering people, that whole mess above is so many shades worse than that.

Somewhere in the annals of the internet, there must be a corollary to rule 34 about this sort of thing, and when I find it, I will invoke it in this case.

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