Monday, January 05, 2009

My Blogging/Entertainment Resolutions for 2009

Well, it is better late than never I guess.

Start a music-based podcast.
I have access to Creative Commons licensed music, I think I have the equipment to do the technical stuff, and at least some of the knowledge of music as a pop cultural observer to put something like that together. I had a previous resolution a few years ago to start a talking podcast, but I didn't follow through on that one.

Movies I want to see:
The Machine Girl
Harold and Maude
Hit Man (a movie with Bernie Casey from the 70's)
The Day After

225 Posts on this blog.
It is a more conservative resolution that last years 250, but I think with that goal, I might produce better and more in-depth work and I can take a few more breaks along the way, which might help me with my next resolution.

Work on a writing a novel or a TV pilot.
The first sounds like something I've done in the past and failed at numerous times. The second, well, that is entirely new territory for me to fail in. Then again, I am also blessed with beginner's luck when I try learning an artistic discipline (my first watercolor was better than my second through tenth attempts for example). So, I would have to teach myself how to work in that format. I don't think it will be easy at all. It will be arduous, dirty mental work and I am just going to have to grit my teeth and

One new blog feature.
I don't know what it will be just yet, but I am sure I can come up with something interesting for the blog as a semi-regular feature.

Get the Pop Culture Supreme Court back together.
I have plans, schemes and ways that in my mind could make it work a little more smoothly for everyone involved and at the same time, prevents me from developing an ulcer.

This list is a little ambitious, but I think that by trying to push myself a little bit further I might end up learning a bit more about myself.


Lee said...

That's not a bad list at all, Tracey and I have been circling doing a five point list since new year but have yet to commit anything down on paper.

I've got to get my own podcasts going again, i think i only did three last year so four this year can't be that hard an ask :)

I'm avoiding doing regular features this year though, I think I might try to be a bit more random...

OK maybe I've already got random covered :P

Bart said...

Sounds like a doable list. For the writing the novel or screenplay, a simple tactic for you to do is to set a word goal a day or week. Like, you know, "I'll write 500 words a day."

Just Sayin' said...

Way to make the rest of us look bad by raising the bar and setting difficult and challenging but completely realistic and attainable goals.

Now I'm going to have to re-evaluate my entire 12 month plan for 2009, and maybe, actually, possibly, perhaps accomplish something worthwhile.


Semaj said...

I'd really look forward to the music podcast.

Here's hoping you get all this moving along.

Good Luck on the book

MC said...

Lee: Yeah, I miss your podcasts.

Bart: Well, doable and me actually doing it are two distinct areas on a venn diagram... I am hoping that there is indeed some overlap somewhere on that graph.

JS: Well, as long as someone gets something done this year ;)

Semaj: I think that part is the most doable thing on the list.

Becca said...

The Machine Girl was AMAZING! Two words tempura arm. SWEET!!!

By the way Lisa is adorable! I hope you guys have a happy home together!

MC said...

It is just a matter of finding it really.

Jeremy Barker said...

This judge is ready to help with one of those resolutions. Get in touch through the regular means.

MC said...

Check your mailbox.