Monday, January 12, 2009

How a couple of Resolutions are shaping up so far

The Music Podcast: So far I have joined a few sites that give me access to podsafe music, I've been looking into contacting a few artists who haven't specifically cleared their music for podcasting and I sketched out the parameters of the show so I have something to work towards in terms of length and frequency. I am looking at 20-40 minutes every two weeks, which I think is doable. I just have to put together a few playlists, find a good hosting site for the podcast files and figure out how to put one together with the programs I have (which again, shouldn't be too difficult). I am happy that I got a few good leads over the weekend in tracking down a band who released an album I loved intensely a decade ago.

Work with Electronic Music: I know it was a resolution from last year, but I figured it was never too late to get my ass in gear on a previous resolution. Anyway, while I was chatting with Semaj over the weekend, we were talking about my plans for the podcasts and various other blogging related matters, and I started to play around with my old music sequencing software and get my discs full of samples and loops out to try to reacquaint myself with the software, and I think I should shortly be in a position to get some work done with it.

The Pilot/Novel: I've read about writing treatments, started doing the sketches for the characters and some of the preliminary work on general plot trajectory the story should be moving in, as well as figuring out some of the key scenes and the dialogue that accompanies them. At least in the initial stages, this seems to be shaping up well. Of course, I haven't started the slog just yet.


Arjan said...

I've never really looked into podcasting even though I think I'd enjoy it.
Looking forward to yours.

MC said...

I think you'd rock a podcast Arjan.