Thursday, January 08, 2009

Express Checkout: Pegg, Lohan and a Funeral

  • As much as I dislike Scientology and Scientologists, I think the Travoltas should be allowed to bury and mourn their son in private. I think it is sort of sick the lengths some news agencies and independent contractors have reportedly gone to so they can get a scoop in this story.

  • Lindsay Lohan thinks that she should have the same kind of career and opportunities as Scarlett Johansson because she works just as hard as her peer, but her reputation precedes her. Of course it does. When you get reprimanded by a producer of a movie you are doing, or when you get fired from a recurring television guest spot, then yes, that does hurt one's prospects in Hollywood. If it was any other kind of job, who would generally get the opportunities when all other things are equal, the person who comes into work every day on time and who doesn't bring a lot of baggage with them, or the person who is disruptive, a primadonna and someone who doesn't seem to take their job seriously. I certainly know how most people would answer that question.

  • Simon Pegg and director Robert Weide have asked American fans of their movie, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People not to buy the movie on DVD, as they are angry that the Region 1 distributor stripped all the special features off the release including scenes that the two had fought to keep in the theatrical release. I think that they do have a valid point. It was material that was available, cleared and ready to go, and MGM/Fox dropped the ball. I guess I'll wait for Tintin and/or the Nick Frost/Pegg road comedy Paul or even Star Trek to watch a newish Pegg release.

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Anonymous said...

actually that producer later appologized to LL and all Betty cast defending her
ps. Scar J movie flop again