Thursday, December 04, 2008

My response to 3 Statements with a single Picture

There is a remake of They Live in the works.

There are talks of a remake of The Thing

Oh, and John Stamos wants to bring back Full House.

Darth Vader Screaming NO!

All I have to say really.


Arjan said...

the internet is a wonderful way of proving again and again that pictures say more than words (even if the picture includes some words).

elgringo said...

1. That blows!
2. I'd be okayyyyyy with a Thing remake.
3. Let them bring back Full House, how much worse could they make it, I mean, really?

Here are some I'm mad about:

1. Race to Witch Mountain
2. Tony Scott's remake of The Warriors
3. The They Live remake, it's now made my list!

MC said...

Arjan: And it allows me to feel supergeeky (what I really wanted was a Youtube video of Picard spazzing out from First Contact)

Elgringo: The Thing is one of my top 10 movies, so I am sort of miffed by plans to remake it.