Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Dreams

This is something a lot of people reading this are going to hate me for, but here goes: despite having a number of crippling fears in real life and generated by fictionalized mass entertainment, I don't have memorable nightmares. At all.

For instance, I had a dream last night that featured me running through a dilapidated old mansion filled with giant evil spider/crab/face hugger-type creatures, which were intent on taking over the world.

What was my reaction to all this?

I ended up chasing them around and bashing them with a shovel. And I had some real zeal for it too. From my fading memory of the dream, it felt oddly satisfying hearing that thud and clang. It was just so Bruce Campbell.

Was I watching scary movies last night or playing Half Life or a variation therein?


I was playing We Love Katamari and James Bond:Everything or Nothing. Those aren't scary games.

And some of you may be saying "But Matt, you were writing about vampires and zombies yesterday, so of course you had that weird dream?" (OK, none of you are saying that, but I needed a segue going into the end of this post). I could think about zombies and vampires for days and I would never dream about them. Well, there was that one dream that took place during World War II when a lot of Nazi zombies came out of a lake and then the Allies just shot them all with machine guns, blew them up with mortars, ran them over with tanks and burned them with flame throwers...

...come to think of it, I have geektastic dreams, with the elements of nightmares, but with a wonderful twist that makes them awesome to me. I can't speak for the rest of you out there, and I am sure some of you who hate me for writing about dreams.... or for the lack of nightmares.


Megan said...

I have nightmares. But I have learned how to kick myself out of them. Your dreams sound kinda fun.

MC said...

If only my real life was as fun as my dreams... *sigh*