Monday, October 27, 2008

Ron Howard Burned Me

When I first started my little t-shirt shop on Spreadshirt, Pop Culture Sugar, I was offering both Obama and McCain designs related to television characters...

My McCain T-shirt was this:

I was making a joke about McCain's age and it was a little bit of a Simpsons reference (as every time I think about Matlock, I hear Abe Simpson saying it in his unique way... Maaaatlock). And I had a few laughs... then Ron Howard just had to make a short film for Funny or Die in support of Barack Obama and there was a cameo by someone...

...which sort of takes the starch out of my joke a few days before the election. GAH!

So much like Abe Simpson's son Homer, I too now know how it feels to be burned by Ron Howard.

DOH! *shakes fist*

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