Friday, September 19, 2008

What is Weirder: James Lipton Edition

I don't know which piece of information I learned today is weirder.

The fact that Inside the Actor's Studio's James Lipton is 82 years old today, when I always thought he was in his mid-60's.

(There is something not quite right about that picture of him. Maybe a more recent image would work better.)

(That's more like it.)


After looking at his biography, noticing that he wrote the theme music for Thundercats.

Which do you think is weirder?


D. Prince said...

That is crazy! I had absolutely no idea that James Lipton was in Superman or the rest of it actually. You amaze me MC.

Bart said...

That's a joke, d. prince. Terence Stamp played General Zod in Superman II. He happens to resemble Lipton, is all.

MC said...

D: When I was looking at Lipton, he just looked so much like General Zod, I thought I would drop that sight gag into the post.

Bart: But you do have to admit that Zod is a cool character though... but I wouldn't want him to be president.

Arjan said...

the latter, by miles and miles.
I never knew who wrote that theme.

MC said...

I think the fact that the person who did became famous for something completely different is astonishing.

Micgar said...

I was thinking wtf like d.prince also! He does resemble him!
James Lipton kinda freaks me out-like he's gonna have some kind of alien jump out of his chest or something!

MC said...

No, I think the worst he could so to someone is make their head explode Scanners-style from all the adulation.

Anonymous said...

OMG! He was actually a very good looking man!!!