Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For the end of MTV's Total Request Live

I think I would totally die a happy man if, on the final edition of MTV's Total Request Live in November, a group like Improv Everywhere showed up, and just went all Logan's Run on the whole scene.

I can just imagine a large group of people, showing up for that show dressed like this:

And chanting: It's Life Day! Renew! RENEW! The Carousel of Life. Renew! Renew!

Now, I know they have some friends in high places now, and they have a lot of resources to pull things off, but I think getting people floating in the air would take some doing.

But you know that it would become an internet classic and geeks everywhere would marvel at it for ages.


Arjan said...

Never seen Logan's run, but now I want to! I like the ladies dress !!

MC said...

It is a pg movie with nudity and a lot more outfits like that... so I think you will enjoy it. :)

thom said...

Jenny Agutter was HOT!

Oh, and great idea...

MC said...

Yes, she was quite lovely.