Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Express Checkout: Avarice, Pride and Wrath

  • The minds behind the movie Disturbia are being sued by the estate of the short story writer who penned Rear Window. I would like to speak for everyone who saw Hitchcock's version of that story on film when I say "Well Duh!". I see this one getting settled before it hits the courtroom (because fighting it would be costly, even with the huge purse the defendants have).

  • Eva Mendes was upset that she was rejected for a role as herself on the Gervais/Merchant series Extras, and she is determined to get a role on the show now... despite the fact that it is long gone, and is likely not coming back. Now, when I think about all the other people who played themselves on that show, they all had a particular public image which they played against, so remind me, what is Eva Mendes' public image again. I mean, aside from thinking very highly of herself ("I was like, guys, you don't understand I am quite a big deal in the States, and I don't go on TV shows, but I really want to go on your show!"). I didn't realize she was Ben Stiller/Samuel L. Jackson/Daniel Radcliffe successful, did you?

  • Heather Mills is writing a novel... about a former model who marries a pop star. She was ordered by the court as part of her divorce settlement not to talk about her marriage with Paul McCartney publicly, but working on a very thinly veiled work of fiction will allow her to get around that particular condition. And people will likely by the book, giving Mills the impression that indeed a lot of people were on her side when it came to the divorce, when in actually, those buying the book would likely be rubberneckers who don't like her but want some dirt from that marriage anyway.


Semaj said...

Eva Mendes: couldn't agree more. she's a bland person with bland acting. I have to wonder if she'll be around in 15 years

Isn't she in the upcoming 'film' The Spirit?

Arjan said...

THe only thing about Eva Mendes is that she's darn hot.

MC said...

Semaj: Part of me thinks that if you have to tell someone you are hot shit, you really aren't.

Arjan: Yes, she is very attractive. But I don't think she ever opened a movie.