Monday, August 11, 2008

A Potential Sequel I am Actually Looking Forward To

On Friday, I read about rumors that there may be a fifth and final installment of the Lethal Weapon series, and today I've read some further rumors that Gibson and Glover are both interested in starring in such a project.

Honestly, I don't think I would mind seeing Murtaugh and Riggs step up to the plate one more time. I mean, while the Lethal Weapon movies aren't the best cop movies ever made, they are still highly entertaining, and they have held up remarkably well. Even at their worst moments, there was still a remarkable amount of charm in this particular version of the buddy cop formula.

And since this is the age of a lot of older franchises getting a much later sequel, well, a LW sequel seems like it would fit right in. Especially since this final movie would deal with Riggs planning his own retirement after solving one last big case (with the help of the now retired Murtaugh).

Given the fact that Mel Gibson hasn't worked in a movie since 2006 (and he perhaps has some additional character rehabilitation to go through), Rene Russo hasn't been in a movie since 2005 and Joe Pesci, aside from an appearance in The Good Shepherd, was last seen in Lethal Weapon 4. Yes, Danny Glover has been working steadily for the past couple of years, but I think he'd be game for another outing with Gibson and company. Especially since if the rumors are true, it would be a Shane Black script directed by Richard Donner and produced by Joel Silver, which would make the whole thing seem like everyone is coming home to finish the series once and for all.

I guess they aren't too old for this shit after all.


Semaj said...

I thought it was a little strange that Danny stated that he wasnt interested in making another one last year, but now is open to it.

I can see it happening, but does Richard Donner still 'have it'? Even though I'm a huge fan of his, I still haven't forgiven him for Timeline

Megan said...

I'd go see it, but I agree with Semaj's concerns re: Donner.

MC said...

There is a movie that Donner and Gibson are working on for a 2008 release that may end up being the litmus test for LW5's effectiveness called Sam and George.

Arjan said...

LW 4 is the dvd we got with our first dvd player (in a pc) and along with the other LW's, it's entertaining. I'd check out LW5, but probably not at a cinema.

Mayren said...

I really think it's a bad idea to bring the Lethal Weapon back.
It's not lethal when you're too old, and could hardly be called a weapon.

It sort of seems like a train wreck just begging to happen.

What plot could possibly make sense? I know I'm a girl but I
did enjoy the first movies.
But those mullet days are over.

MC said...

Mayren: It is supposed to revolve around Riggs last case before he retires, and to solve it he brings Murtaugh out of retirement to help.

Arjan: Yeah, it might not be for everyone at the movies... especially if it is up against another blockbuster.