Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top Gun Sequel: We're All in the Danger Zone now

There are some rumors regarding a possible sequel to Top Gun being made with the involvement of Tom Cruise.

Now, outside of the Mission: Impossible movies, Tom Cruise hasn't really made sequels in his career, and for the most part, that was a smart idea (yes, I can't believe I am using "Tom Cruise" and "smart" in the same sentence either). And, with reboots of other 1970's-80's movies, I can see why someone might want to strike while the iron was hot with another one.

Well, at least it isn't a remake. There is that.

However, it seems that the idea being put forward is one which sort of distances itself from the homoerotic undertones of the original movie and moves it into a different, equally uncomfortable place involving overtones of sexual harassment and abuse of position. You see, Maverick is going to be the teacher this time around, and he is going to school a female pilot in the fine art of firing a missile up their tail. And since the previous movie took place 22 years ago, well, imagine how young that female pilot will likely be. I mean, she'll likely be younger than Cruise's real life slave... err, wife.

Yeah, let's just say I am not holding my breath that this will be a good movie, especially since Tom Cruise is about as likable as herpes now. Perhaps if Michael Ironside is in it and blows up someone's head with his mind or kills a lot of bugs or Xenu or something, it will be worth it.

However, I will make a deal with Tom Cruise. I will see this sequel at an actual movie theater on a regular priced night, and I will hold off on criticizing him or Scientology for a period of six months if he appears on a show like Inside the Actor's Studio and not only acknowledges that he was in Legend, but discusses it at some length. I don't think that will happen mind you, so I think I will be safe from this movie until TBS buys the rights to it.


Diesel said...

Man, I need to look for Legend on cable. I've never seen that one.

Bart said...

It has the potential to be okay, which is the truly scary thing.

But is it bad that the first thing I thought of was "is it coincidence or design that at this point in Americas history and world position, they want to revisit what was, essentially, the greatest recruiting tool the Navy ever had?"

SamuraiFrog said...

As long as Tom Cruise is in it at all, it'll still have homoerotic undertones.

Jeff said...

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your "Perhaps if Michael Ironside is in it and blows up someone's head with his mind..." comment. You don't (well, I don't) find too many fans of "Scanners" around these days.

Semaj said...

If there ever was a reason to call upon the powers of Xenu, this is the reason to do it. This movie must be stopped.

I guess they can pull Val from his recording studio.

MC said...

Diesel: Depending on who you talk to, you are either missing a classic of fantasy film or nothing much.

Bart: Yes, that thought had occurred to me as well.

SF: Yeah, but it won't be the same.

Jeff: I am sad to see they are remaking Scanners... I really am.

Semaj: See, the thing that scares me is there is a Rambo 5 in the works, and if Top Gun II is successful, maybe there will be a III as well.