Monday, July 28, 2008

Life On Mars has a Huge Recasting

Well, it has come to my attention that there have been some massive changes going on behind the scenes on the American remake of Life on Mars, one of which is bringing a major Hollywood actor to television.

You see, hardass, hard-drinking detective Gene Hunt (who was the protagonist's partner on LoM) was originally played by Philip Glenister who looked like this:

And in the original L.A. centered pilot, David E. Kelley had in Glenister's place, Colm Meaney.

Which was the perfect casting for that role. I mean, he was the only cast member from that pilot that I honestly said fit with the vibe of the original series. That happens so rarely, but that wasn't to be.

So for the new pilot that takes place in New York (which I will admit feels more in keeping with the original concept of the show emotional for me), Gene Hunt will be played by none other than Harvey Keitel.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Harvey Keitel and all, but Colm Meaney is just so Gene Hunt. He is. To me, it is like if someone made a movie with Michael Clarke Duncan, then made a pilot for the TV series with Ving Rhames, but then recast that part with Samuel L. Jackson. They are all awesome, but they just different things to a role.

Sigh. I wonder who is going to join him and Michael Imperioli in the revamped pilot.


Anonymous said...

The British series was so darned good. I can't believe they are re making an American version. bah God American Television executives have to ruin everything good.

Arjan said...

Haven't seen the original ór the remake.. I only know Meaney from Startrek Deepspace 9, where I liked him :)

MC said...

Anonymous: I just feel lucky the American version of Spaced sans the influence of Pegg/Stevenson nee Hynes/Wright didn't get picked up.

Arjan: He is just really good at that lovably grumpy hardass persona.