Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lawyer theatens to sue Sharon Stone for 1 Billion dollars

A New York attorney is threatening to sue Sharon Stone for one billion dollars because she stated that the earthquakes the ravaged China were karma based on that government's treatment of Tibet.

Yes, I said 1 BILLION dollars. Where she could possibly come up with 1 billion dollars is beyond me. Yes, she made 13.6 million dollars for appearing in Basic Instinct 2, which means she would only have to earn that much money in, let's see, around 73 more movies.

And 1 billion dollars for saying that something spiritually related to her religion (she is a Buddhist) had something to do with a natural disaster? Why isn't this lawyer, I don't know, suing Pat Robertson, the estate of Jerry Falwell and the Westboro Baptist Church for their similar and manifold statements to the same effect about American disasters. I mean, you know that they have the money.

Did she say something sort of insensitive? Yes. Was it the worst thing anyone has ever said? No. Was it even the worst thing said publicly that day? I would be willing to wager it wasn't.

I am just trying to think of something anyone could say just once with ample apologies afterward that would be worth 1 billion dollars in a lawsuit, and I simply can't.

And does anyone really think that any court will seriously take this case? A Billion Dollars indeed.


Arjan said...

And to whom will this money go? To China? I guess not haha.

MC said...

The lawyer has around 1000 relatives of victims... but I am sure if said funds were won, the lawyer would take a fair share of it for costs and such.