Monday, July 14, 2008

5 Signs you Own Too Many Games

A few weeks back, Lee from Quit your Day Job posted an entry called the Top five signs that your DVD Collecting is Getting Out of Hand, and during the course of discussing his list, well, I discussed my video game collection, and in doing so, a post concept was born... err, ripped off rather.

1. If you calculate in the time it will take to finish all those games, you realize that do at least one of the following: a) complete the in class hours for a 4 year bachelor's degree b) complete the writing of novel of 350-550 pages long based on an average writing speed of at least 150 words per hour c) watch 500 of the greatest movies ever made and still have time to watch the entire run of multiple tv series. Despite this, you still nonetheless want to see them through.

2. You own more games than you do movies(in any format). Yes, I own far more games for the various systems I have than I do movies on DVD and VHS cassette.

3. You have not only bought multiple copies of a game including buying additional copies as part of a set or getting a collector's/special edition of a game, but you have at least one instance of unintentionally buying a game that you already own.

4. You now find that you can identify many of the voice actors by name in any game you play now, but you have actually gotten interested in a game because a particular voice actor or actress was in it. I've bought games because Jennifer Hale and Jim Ward were in them.

5. You own more games for a system than the places you buy games from do. I own more PS2 games than Blockbuster, Walmart (I am as surprised as anyone) and 7 other places that sell such titles.

Yes, I am guilty of them all... is there anything you think I missed?


Schadenfreude said...

Damn, MC -- that ain't no joke my man. Proud of ya! I get into one game and stick with it forever. I still play City of Heroes when I can -- been in since day 1. I would play Gears of War, but it no likey Vista last time I tried and I'm too lazy to boot it up again to see if it works now.

Anyway, yer still my hero in this arena.

Lee said...

I am not in your league, not even the same sport when it comes to games.

I think you are pretty much the guru then when it comes to game collecting, I don't know anyone else who would even come close.

And you recognise voices!!


So what is your favourite game?

Mayren said...

You own too many games when you actually have to see the doctor about carpal tunnel or the dreaded condition known as "nintendo Thumb".

Bart said...

When you can recognize composers of in game music.

MC said...

Schad: I used to go gangbusters into one game... like my 30 seasons in NCAA Football 2000... and I kept detailed stats for most of those seasons too... Yeah, I am a total nerd.

Lee: I'm pretty good for someone who doesn't work in the reviewing industry as a pro or amateur. I am sure there are a few of my readers who can easily best me. And some voices (like Tara Strong) are easier to pick out than others.

Now favorite game... that is a more difficult question. I've played an awful lot of Ace Combat 5/Zero, SOCOM 3/Combined Assault, and I've been a long time advocate of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Katamari Damacy and TimeSplitters. If you told me some of the games you liked, I could probably recommend a few to you.

Mayren: Ah, I remember Nintendo thumb. I still get it sometimes with some of those fighters that use the digital control on the PS controller like Tekken and King of Fighters.

Bart: I can't do that, but I think Semaj may be able to... he has the background in that that I lack.

Micgar said...

I don't have any games. I can't comment here. But I guess, in effect, I just did!

MC said...

Then I would say you have too few games.

Ravenblack said...

You and me have much in common. :)

I don't buy very many film DVDs besides once you watch them, there isn't much point in watching them again, whereas in games, you can play them again.

I do have two copies for 3-4 games that I have. Usually because I wanted them for different systems.

Not so much on number 4 but I do recognise game voices.

And yeah, I own more games than a few gameshops I used to shop at.

MC said...

Howdy stranger... haven't seen you in a while... how's things?

In the PC arena, I have a couple copies of a few games because of how they put together the add-on packages.

And I like the fact that you said you used to shop at those stores.