Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Year Zero: The Television Series in the Works

The Chocolate - Trent Reznor. The Chunky Peanut Butter - Quentin Tarantino's producing partner Lawrence Bender.

The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup moment: Year Zero, the television series.

Year Zero was a conceptual album based around the premise that Earth would have a dystopic society and an collapsing environment by the year 2022. Yes, that is hardly a mindblowing revelation, it is true, as that has been fodder for science fiction writers for decades now. But it is always good to see a little more of this kind of programming on the small screen, so even if it ends up being a little derivative, it will likely still be worth watching.

Allow me to quote from Wikipedia here:

Even though the fictional story begins in January 2007, the timeline of the album and alternate reality game mentions historical events, such as September 11 attacks and the Iraq War. From there, fictional events lead to worldwide chaos, including bioterrorism attacks, the United States engaging in nuclear war with Iran, and the elimination of American civil liberties at the hands of the fictional government agency The Bureau of Morality.

And the fact that these two creative forces are putting this show together for cable television and not the networks seems to indicate to me that the parties involved will likely have the freedom to go in directions that may not have been possible on regular TV.

I don't know if it will be good, but I am intrigued.

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