Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wow... glad I followed that referral

There are times when one looks at their referrals and finds a link that you really can't explain... so you have to investigate.

I was confronted with such a situation this afternoon when I saw this on my sitemeter feed:

So I visited the site and was almost overwhelmed by this huge undulating vortex of pop cultural interviews and references like so:

And after many clicks, I found my reference in that swirling maelstrom:

So Culture Kills is now floating around on the BBC site. I don't know if I would consider this blog cruel however. A little mean-spirited maybe, but cruel... I am going to have to think about that.

I don't know how long I will be driftwood in that sea of ever changing winds, but it will be fun finding out. And if you end up caught in those waters, well, be sure to tell me, as I have a feeling more of you are going to end up getting dragged in.


Megan said...


Micgar said...

Congrats! Sometimes I find that I also find links that are a little strange-and then I have to dig a little deeper!

Arjan said...

the best (most funny) referrals are strange google searches.

I wouldn't consider Culture Kills cruel either..maybe they took the 'kills' to litteraly ;)

Mayren said...

it's not Cruel even for British snob standards. This site is funtastic!

They are haters.

We still luv ya Matt.

MC said...

Megan: Danke!

Micgar: And isn't digging half the fun?

Arjan: I don't seem to get those laugh out loud search terms in my referrals... I do think they took the kills part literally.

Mayren: Being funtastic is a lot better than being fun sized... because nothing that is fun sized is very much fun really.

Karl said...

I find those sorts of sites overwhelming on my senses. Way too much information at one glance.

Semaj said...

What an interesting site. I always find referrals a mice little quest to dig for

MC said...

Karl: I think it was supposed to be kaleidescopic in nature.

Semaj: What is your weirdest referral do you gather?

Lee said...

Oh wow so that was what that was? Ages ago I got links coming out of the BBC on one of my sites (It may have been pop culture heroines but I hope it was QYDJ) I could never work it out and maybe I still haven't for that matter.

Cool though that you're on there!