Friday, June 27, 2008

Express Checkout: Mini-Me, Miley, The Hoff and Carlin

  • Does anyone want to see a sex tape featuring Verne "Mini Me" Troyer? I certainly don't. Granted, I don't want to see his recent work outside of pornography either, and apparently no one else wants to either given The Love Guru's box office take.

  • Overexposed (in more ways than one) teen sensation Miley Cyrus is reportedly in talks with Tyra Banks to start her own teen talk show. You know, if it was Oprah producing the show, then maybe it would have a shot, but Tyra Banks? Somehow I don't see it being a success.

  • The producers of Saturday Night Live are rebroadcasting the first episode of the show from 1975 to honor George Carlin. I heartily approve.

  • David Hasselhoff has claimed that because the producers of the revamped Knight Rider minimized his input on the series and went in a direction that didn't feature him, the show is destined to fail. However, the way I see it, yes, the show will fail, but it will be despite distancing themselves from Hasselhoff, who, let's face it, is the punchline to a joke now and someone who is hard to take seriously. No, the reason the show will fail is NBC is still going to be in a bad place next season, and the fact that it is taking on Bones and The New Adventures of Old Christine doesn't help. So The Hoff shouldn't feel vindicated when this happens.


Bart said...

Someone should send William Shatner to Hasselhoff's house to teach him the difference between self-parody and becoming a parody of one's self.

MC said...

Shatner knows what he is doing... I mean, he released an album called Has-Been, which to me tells me he knows where his place is in this world.

Schadenfreude said...

I dunno, Tyra is apparently is the new Oprah -- a new, self-absorbed, "kiss my fast ass" Oprah. Okay, nevermind, you're right about Miley.

MC said...

What I meant was Oprah has a lot more coin than Tyra, so she can open more doors, so to speak.