Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Show that is a Convergence of a Lot of Bad Elements

I am just going to quote the first two lines of this story I found on Starpulse... because you have to see it too.

Get your popcorn ready: Terrell Owens is coming to prime time Wednesday night. As an actor.

T.O. will make his sitcom acting debut on the MyNetworkTV show ''Under One Roof'' as the long-lost brother of the show's star, Flavor Flav.

Things that are wrong with all this:

1. Terrell Owens trying to act.
2. Flavor Flav trying to act.
3. The idea of Flavor Flav and Terrell Owens trying to act off of one another.
4. The fact that Flavor Flav got a sitcom.
5. That he not just got a role on a sitcom, but that he is the star of said series.
6. And the fact that despite starting last month, said sitcom is still on the air.
7. My cable system gets 3 different MyNetworkTV stations.
8. Despite the fact that I know that it will be bad... like Cavemen bad... I will now be compelled to watch it.

Pray for me as I face this challenge in the coming days.

Addendum: Watching the show, I was reminded of how sitcoms are portrayed in fictional movies about actors, especially one about a child actor. You know, when a filmmaker has a scene from a fake sitcom, and it is horrible, and you don't see how anyone in America could find that compelling television. Well, Under One Roof is that same kind of show brought to the real small screen. Wow, it was crappy, but in an entirely different way than I had been expecting.


Bart said...

Sign of the apocalypse? I think so.

Mr. Fabulous said...

No! Turn away from the dark side!

Semaj said...

Holy crap, that intro was bad. I can't believe this actually got green-lit. I just watched a few clips on Youtube and it is worst than I thought it would be.

I wonder if the Fresh Prince producers can sue these people.

Megan said...

My thoughts and prayers go with you down into the abyss...

MC said...

Bart: It is portentous, I'll say that.

Mr. Fab: My slide in that direction has already begun.

Semaj: Well, it is MyNetworkTV... so that may explain a lot.

Megan: May I survive my journey into that dark, dark place.

Micgar said...

Oh man that sounds horrible-It has all the ingredients for disaster! Thanks for the warning!

MC said...

Yes, I don't recommend it at all. It brings nothing good to the genre.

Micgar said...

Matt-I caught 5 minutes of this show-I had to turn the channel or my stomach would have!
Horrible...awful...not enough negative adjectives to describe it.
Its a rip off of Fresh Prince, racial stereotypes galore, etc.
I am still a little queasy!

MC said...

I've seen worse.

I can't believe you got me to defend the show.