Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Harrison Ford saying No to playing Han Solo Again

Harrison Ford has vowed never to play the second of his two most iconic characters again on film despite the financial success of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Yes, fanboys everywhere are either cheering or weeping about the news that Han Solo will never be played by Harrison Ford in a future film.

Ford claims that playing the character would be dull and is sort of one dimensional, and thus not deserving of being revisited. Now this may indeed be the truth, but somehow I think there may be other factors at play as well.

For example, I think at least some of these are involved:

a) he knows that going to the well a fourth time for Indiana Jones was a bad idea
b) his reacquaintance with George Lucas creatively on that movie was enlightening
c) he saw the Star Wars prequels and knows that it is really not going to be worth his time from both a financial and creative point of view
d) He'd rather beat the snot out of Ben Affleck and play Jack Ryan again
e) He is afraid Carrie Fisher is going to want seconds *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*
f) He wants more money, so he is playing hard to get
g) That strange night he had with Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and Peter Mayhew that ended up with everyone naked in a hotel room after Return of the Jedi wrapped.
h) People will start asking about what happened to that nice Ewok he took home for a nice meal.

and finally i) Nick Nolte has gone on the record saying he wants to finally play the part and has given Ford ample incentive to turn the role down (it involves all the deposit on every bottle and can of beer Nolte has ever drank, a sum which would be well worth the sacrifice.)


Mr. Fabulous said...

Mark Hamill. What dinner theater must HE be working at now?

Jeff said...

I must be out of the loop on this one - is there really talk of a new film with Han Solo?

Megan said...

Jesus God lemme have me Han the way he use'ta be!

(says the girl behind the counter)

MC said...

Mr Fab: He is a voice actor for animated shows now... including playing the Joker on Batman.

Jeff: Lucas keeps talking about making episodes 7-9.

Megan: Well, in carbonite, he's always hard.