Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prince gets Hip Replacement

Speaking of Kevin Smith, former client and current antagonist Prince is having a secret hip replacement.

And the fact that I know about it shows you just how secret the procedure is. Yep... can't have surgery these days without the media and then bloggers by extension getting into your business.

Unfortunately, it is his real hip that is being replaced and not his metaphorical hipness, which is sadly also in need of some reconstructive work. We've all heard his work since Batman and it has been weighed, it has been measured and it has been found wanting.

And I'd be willing to give him a pass for that, but there was also that story about him going against the fan sites which support him and well, I can't let that slide. Yes, he recorded and wrote some great music once, but now he is an amusing anecdote and a shell of his former self as an artist.

Don't get me wrong. I wish him well as a human being, and I hope he recovers quickly from his surgery.


Jeff said...

Ouch! I'm with you completely on the lameness of his attack on the fan sites, but I think his post-"Batman" work is, on the whole, vastly underrated. Sure, it's not "Purple Rain" and he's no longer part of the zeitgeist, but there's a ton of good stuff to be found in there.

MC said...

To me it was a death of a thousand cuts... there were a number of little things that he has done that sort of got my ire over the years.

Tuffy said...

Bahahahaha!! I know it's mean to laugh, but... hahahaha! I wonder if he hastened the degeneration with his whole... dance... thing?

MC said...

Yeah, but mean laughs are often the best.

Micgar said...

I never really loved his stuff-i liked it but not enough to purchase it.
As for the going after his fans-that is really *^^%%ed up!
Hip replacement?! Prince?! That's comically ironic!

MC said...