Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guess the Celebrities, Round 2

If you missed the first edition of this game back in December, here is the rundown of how to play.

The basic premise is that I've chosen two celebrities and the system put them together and you have to figure out who is in the mix and post your answers in the comment section.

Unlike last time, I am not giving a hint, mainly because you all showed great skill in figuring out the pairings.

And again, correct guesses will receive some link love. Shall we begin?

1. Edward Norton and George Clooney: Guessed by Maven

2. Lacey Chabert and Jennifer Love Hewitt: Guess by Hilly

3. Steve Carell and Dane Cook: Guessed by Hilly

4. William Shatner and Nathan Fillion: Guessed by Hilly

5. Scarlett Johannson and Thora Birch: Guessed by Heidi

6. Julianne Moore and Heather Graham: Guessed by Heidi

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Prinze and Michelle Trachtenberg: guessed by Hilly


9. Rose McGowan and Salma Hayak: Guessed by Becca

10. Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone: Guessed by Hilly

Just 1 left to figure out.


Anonymous said...

Some of these are super hard but I will try!

1.) Edward Norton and ?
2.) JLH and Carrie Underwood
3.) Steve Carrell and Dane Cook
4.) William Shatner and Nathan Fillion
5.) Scarlett and ?
6.) Julianne Moore and Gillian Anderson
7.) Michelle Trachtenburg and SMG?
8.) Keira Knightley and ?
9.) Salma Hayek and ?
10.) Liv Tyler and ?


Anonymous said...

By the way, of those answers I gave, I am only sure of 2 of them!

Maven said...

1.) Edward Norton and George Clooney
2.) JLH and Jennifer Gardner
3.) Steve Carrell and Dane Cook
4.) William Shatner and Nathan Fillion
5.) Scarlett and Mena Suvari
6.) Julianne Moore and Gillian Anderson (Although I'm sensing some HRH Sarah, Dutchess of York there)
7.) Michelle Trachtenburg and SMG
8.) Keira Knightley and Alyssa Milano
9.) Salma Hayek and Natalie Portman
10.) Liv Tyler and Denise Richards

MC said...

I am not instantly updating this game like I did last time... as I like seeing people guess.

There are still quite a few open from my count.

Ian said...

Hey MC––Ian from Regrettable Music here. I think I'll take a whirl...

1) George Clooney and Ed Norton
2) Penelope Cruise and Frodo Baggins
3) Steve Carrell and Casper Van Dien (that really annoying guy from that even worse movie...)
4) The unholy spawn of William Shatner and David Bowie (UNDER PRESSURE!!!)
5) A lizard
6) Smeagol and Julianne Moore
7-10) They're all Keira Knightly... or at least I want them to be.

Cheers! Thanks for reading and posting on Regrettable Music. Love your site and I'll be back. Perhaps I'm being too forward, but perhaps we can share some link love sometime..?


Heidi said...

Here's my best and very likely to be confused with my suckiest) attempt:
1. George Clooney and Edward Norton
2. Lacey Chabert and Jenna Fischer
3. Steve Carell and Dane Cook
4. William Shatner and ?
5. Scarlett Johansson and Thora Birch
6. Juliana Moore and Heather Graham
9. Selma Hayek and Rose McGowan
10.Liv Tyler Cate Blanchet

Becca said...

1. George Clooney and Peter Gabriel
2. Lacy Chaber and Carrie Underwood
6. Juliane Moore and Heather Graham
10. Rose McGowan and Salma Hayek

...some of these may have been guessed but...

What a fun game!

Diesel said...

Man, that's tough: My best guesses (without having looked at others' comments...)

Edward Norton/George Clooney
The 2 Highlander dudes
Bill Shatner/?
Scarlett Johannsen/?
Julianne Moore/?
Sarah Michele Geller/?
Alyssa Milano/?
Salma Hayek/?

MC said...

Ian, I've added you to the blogroll mix.

Everyone is doing so well. There are only 3 left to guess.

Arjan said...

I suck at this but I'd like to meet some of the female mixes ;)

Anonymous said...

is number 10 Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler?

Anonymous said...

And number two...Lacey Chabert and JLH? If so, then half credit goes to whoever said Lacey Chabert. If not, then I give up ;)

Micgar said...

7. I know that hilly may have guessed it, but my vote is also: Keira Knightley and Alyssa Milano.

PS some of those are very attractive,interesting combos!

DungeonDragon said...

Number 8 is definitely Monica Bellucci and Asia Argento.