Tuesday, January 08, 2008

There is a method to my seeming game craziness

A few days ago, I posted a few resolutions for 2008 a list of games I wanted to own/play by the end of the year. I was later questioned about the length of said list, but I do have a perfectly reasonable explanation for why that list wouldn't qualify for the express checkout.

I know that the PS2 market is dying as there is a lot of competition from PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 games for shelf space, and as with other transitional periods between the ascendancy of one generation of consoles and next, there are still plenty of high-quality titles available at very affordable prices, and having been a player with an older console in this position a few times in the past, I know that eventually the market dries up and all you are left with are bins full of Dragon Ball Z games and 5 year old sports titles. So in late November I made a list of games I wanted to pick up while Playstation 2 titles are still readily available.

So, taking some cues from the survivalists and those who live in disaster zones. I am stockpiling Playstation 2 games for the rainy day when they will no longer be available. I mean, I already have 12 unopened games sitting in a drawer for the period between now and the point when I eventually break down and buy a next generation console. I mean, in retrospect, I wish I had shown this kind of foresight back in the early part of this decade and bought a bunch of good PS1 games after the PS2 came out, as they would have served me well for the 5 years between when the PS2 was released and when I actually bought one, so that is a lot of potential time to fill with last generation gaming.

Come to think of it, I did do something similar when VHS was dying too... I bought so many 2-5 dollar movies right before the format was officially dead, I built a library. Of course, the fact that I eventually bought a lot of the same titles on DVD should not negate that seeming coup on my part.

So instead of being completely game crazy, I am being prudent. After all, a few 10-30 dollar games bought today could in the end save me hundreds of dollars over the long haul, since I will be avoiding the high price of the current generation of consoles for the moment and sidestepping a lot of the crappier releases while higher quality titles start accumulating.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself.


curiousatw said...

I might sound crazy, but what's the fun in playing console games when you have computer games?
Oh, don't mind me, I hate playing games anyway (I always lose)!

MC said...

Depends on how good your computer is really.

Blue Sky said...

Consoles are for people with little tweaking time, who just want to play without worrying about windows patches, compatibility and hardware specs. Some games are better played on computers though.

I do miss gaming on the computer but I neither have time nor money for that.

>> I will be avoiding the high price of the current generation of consoles for the moment and sidestepping a lot of the crappier releases while higher quality titles start accumulating. >>

avoiding the crappy hardware of newly released consoles would be the advantage as well. I shouldn't bought the 360 so soon, it's gone red ring of doom on me.

My PS2 which I bought 3 years ago still works like new. :D

Blue Sky said...

add: I bought the 360 about 10 months ago.

MC said...

Liz: I know that in most cases PC gaming offers superior rewards, but for someone with a substandard system, console gaming offers a lot of benefits.

I bought my PS2 a couple of years back and I will probably have to get a new one next year... it still works, but it is just starting to get slower. Not really a problem, but it is noticeable on some of the first games I bought.