Thursday, January 17, 2008

It started with some swearing

Last night, I had started writing a post about how I've relaxed my former inhibitions about swearing here at Culture Kills and I was going to joke about how I was thinking about adding a fake product label that said "Now with 20% More Swearing".

And in doing so, I thought about why I limited my swearing in the past... because in real life and in my internal monologue, salty language is the norm. You see, when I joined BlogBurst, one piece of advice that was given was that if you wanted you work to be picked up by a member of the service, keeping swearing to a minimum helped your cause. But the thing was, I never noticed any of my articles getting picked up after about a year on the service.

So on a lark I decided to login to BlogBurst to confirm this... because surely, I would have noticed some traffic coming from such a referral.

And then I saw this.

Someone at Reuters picked up a couple of my entries... DAMN! And about the Writer's Strike no less.

Well, that certainly made me feel good, and it gives me hope for other people who have been waiting for their moment in the sun there as well.


Jeremy Barker said...

I've found BlogBurst to mostly be a BlogBust. As you saw over 50,000 headline views, two clickthroughs. That's been my experience as well.

Don't get me wrong, it's cool to have that many eyeballs give you a look-see, but it would be nice to have them come to your site as well.

MC said...

I agree. But it is nice to have a new milestone to celebrate.

Chris said...

Effin' A man, effin' A.

MC said...

I still remember this SNL skit where Tony Danza got away with saying Fuggin' A like 20 times in a row.