Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Now this looks like Campy Fun

I have to see this movie when it comes out. I just have to.

Maybe, just maybe, The Machine Girl will be the movie I was hoping Planet Terror was. Well, with the zombies replaced by ninjas, yakuzas and a woman with a drill bra.

You heard me... a fuckin' DRILL BRA!!!! That is campy goodness the whole family can enjoy. And the fact that the lead is a Japanese porn actress, well, I think that makes this one a winner.

Hooray for supergore and sexiness!


Tuffy said...

Hahahaha! The point at which I actually laughed out loud was the "flying guillotine."

(Somehow, though, the arm tempura just seemed a little too over-the-top. The finger sushi, on the other hand..)

Arjan said...

..finger sushi on the other hand *falls on the floor*

This really has to be consumed *the movie* with a couple of beers some chips and some more beers. Will be a great laugh though.

CG said...

You had me at Drill Bra.

Semaj said...

Finger sushi and machine bras, plus mob men and ninjas... can't wait

MC said...

Tuffy: That flying Guillotine was so low rent it was hilarious.

Arjan: Or watching it after you've stayed up all night and you are all loopy anyway. I've been there.

cg: I think the Drill Bra will have a lot of people.

Semaj: There are weirder movies in my background... perhaps one day I will talk about them too ;)

Part of me wonders if part of the movie's appeal to me is Metroid related (a woman with a gun arm... come on).

Mr. Fabulous said...

You know...I think I need to see it too...

Anonymous said...

haha! classic b movie action -- have to see it too when it comes out. any idea when it'll be out. love the plastic looking fingers and the blood spewing out like a water hose.

japanese porn actress huh? wow, she looks so innocent! i guess looks can be deceiving.

btw: don't normally do memes but decided to do one today. you've been tagged -- just a simple one: list 8 random facts/ habit about yourself.

read the rules on my blog:


The Foo

MC said...

Fab: I am wondering if it would be awesome in 3D

Foo: I did that meme a few months back. :)