Friday, December 07, 2007

My Sick Movie Idea

I was watching a special on midnight movies of the 1970's (which I may talk about at greater length at some point in the future), and I had an idea for a little piece of film making that might actually be profitable for the studio that goes approached the idea. It is sort of sick, I admit it, but I think audiences would respond to it,

Forget narrative, forget character development and forget extravagant settings. (Without that last one, I would have been describing every Michael Bay movie I know).

Here is what a studio should do.

30 famous actors/actresses that people have a love/hate relationship with.
30 brutal death scenes between 2-5 minutes long.
Each scene is references another famous cinematic death scene.
Each cast member receives a check for between 250K-1 million dollars for their work.
The studio doesn't reveal who is in the scenes, just the premise.
The Audience is sort of asked to keep the the pairings a secret so people who go to see the movie are surprised.

I mean, people cheered when Paris Hilton got killed in House of Wax. And I would certainly go see a movie where Rosie O'Donnell's head exploded Scanners-style or Nathan Lane got the Hans Gruber treatment. Or Tom Cruise meeting his end like the end of Day of the Dead. I mean, the skies the limit with something like this.

It is just sick enough to work. Which to me begs the question, what combination would you love to see in this scenario?


Micgar said...

That is so sick! AND I LOVE IT!! Yes I would love to see Rosio O's head explode, Tom Cruise get eaten alive, and Nathan Lane get whatever Hans Gruber does! Hurry! Get the idea in to the studios!

MC said...

Remember the end of Die Hard?

Micgar said...

Uhh this is kinda embarrasing, but no-I didn't see the movie. See I told you I am not up on all my pop culture. Is it something with getting boiled alive? Or falling down from a tall building. Can't remember. I may have seen just that part on TV. I know I know, that's pretty bad!

Burbanked said...

Two suggestions:

Put Travolta into the Godfather tollbooth-riddled-with-bullets scene.

Keira Knightley at the beginning of Jaws.

And allow me to bestow a (decidedly more minor) award upon you for a change: I’ve featured this post today in my sidebar (in the "From the brains of other bloggers" box). This is a bit in which I choose a particularly good sentence and link it - wildly removed from its context - back to your post. Congrats!

MC said...

I think I would really enjoy seeing Travolta get that treatment, especially because squibs really hurt.

Micgar: It is a long, long fall.

Jeremy Barker said...

No one I really want to see killed off these days, but I do recall cheering when Tarantino bit it in Desperado. He was really too full oh his own press at the time.

MC said...

I wonder who cheered more, you seeing that or me seeing Steven Seagal bite it in Executive Decision