Friday, December 14, 2007

A Headline That Answers itself

David Blaine Fears New Stunt Will Leave Him Brain Damaged

A self evident statement if I ever saw one. I mean, it isn't like he is a real magician anyway.

Basically, the new stunt is going to be David Blaine trying to stay awake for 12 straight days. Wow... what a piece of magic.

If I may paraphrase Alexander Pope:

While David Blaine painful vigil keeps
Sleepless himself, to give his viewers sleep.

I think Blogger broke my Technorati/Greasemonkey functionality today. Man....

EDIT: I did a reinstall of that userscript, and now it should be working. Whew!


Mayren said...

I like David Blaine for Curb Appeal reasons. I like him alot more than skanky Criss angel - noone is Houdini but Houdini was troubled an ahead of his time.

MC said...

And for me, it is Penn and Teller all the way.

Megan said...

Blaine is so scared of Criss he's peeing his pants -- and this is all he could come up with?