Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clone High: Available on DVD in America

I heard earlier this week that Clone High has finally been released on DVD down in the States, and I was ecstatic. The 2003 series was long overdue for a wider release, and I am glad that my friends down south have a chance to watch the show whenever they please too.

Now I could try to summarize the you what this show was all about but I believe the Clone High Title sequence explains it more succinctly than I ever could.

The show was created by the folks behind Scrubs, and shares much of the same kind of humor(as well as actors Christa Miller and Donald Faison), and I just dig the art style too.

But aside from the cloned historical figures as teens angle, Clone High is also a great parody of all those teenage dramas and movies as every episode is a "very special" one. There is always a prom or some other huge social event going on in the background. And while the main characters(Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Cleopatra and JFK) dominate the show, there are laughs to be found from even the most minor characters. From the gigantic radioactively mutated Marie Curie to the vice-principal of the school, Lynn Butlertron, a robot who wears sweater vests and calls everyone Wesley to an older teacher who looks like Teller and a sheep mated played by Andy Dick... and I still like the character.

And for 13 episodes of bizarre, angular greatness Clone High kept the laughs coming... and left us fans with a cliffhanger that in all likelihood will never been resolved. However, I can hope that like Futurama, perhaps DVD sales will be good enough to make a direct to DVD movie finishing the saga a reality, or in my wildest dreams, with Scrubs going off the air this year, perhaps there may be a place for Clone High to return from the ashes, phoenix-like and take on another semester of goofy goodness.


Jeremy Barker said...

Love Clone High. I should have figured you were a fan too. I can't see why it never got a second season other than quality is so rarely recognized... Wesley.

MC said...

The strange thing is the show didn't even get its full run on American television. It was cancelled with 5 episodes left, much like my beloved Oblongs.

Oh, and I can't forget to yell STAAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOOSS!

Jeremy Barker said...

I really can't fathom that. Too clever? I thought it was brilliant and ended up with two box sets because I told so many people about how much I loved it.

MC said...

Well, it was on MTV, so I think that answers your question about why it got Ameri-axed.