Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stumbleupon Finds: October 2007 Edition

In the midst of the redesign, I realized that I hadn't done one of these posts in about 5 months, and since I use these posts to show you all weird things I liked, and to keep track of them myself, I've started going back and putting together the backlog in this category. Just 3 more to go... and February on the weekend.


Pulp Simpsons from Planet Dan
Crazy for Cult Film from Slashfilm
An amazing set of miniaturization pictures from an art gallery
Pure awesomeness from Neatorama
Someone hunted and mounted a beast that truly deserved it.
What the hell? Lizard and a couch.
A Hello Kitty Ak-47
Mature Alices in Wonderland


Real Ravers don't Follow DJ's
Tom the Dancing Bug presents The New Gay Stereotype
Utilitarianism from Thad Guy
A Chick Pamphlet redone to talk about Cthulhu
Thingpart has someone saying Grace
Savage Chickens examines the evolution of the Spork
The Least I Could Do is show you this Mac/PC commercial parody
Nothing Nice to Say Riffs on Raffi
Mark Stiver's take on Pavlov's Dog
Various Comics from Cabonon Press
Cyanide and Happiness has some zombies
Questions Grad School won't help you answer from Ph.D Comics.
Coolest Car Chase ever from Real Life Comics
Infinite Monkeys from Irkworks
Plato by Greg Nog
Waste by Simulated Comic Product
Freakshow from Cordeval


Screw the Country
Some awesome subway dancing

Articles/full sites

How to Kill a Zombie(pdf)
Hipster Horror via The Reeler
Mr. PotatoMash
A Doctor who saved a village from the Nazis
Ebook Giant has 17K free ebooks.
I have to give it to this dude... he has balls to just come out and ask.
The Mobius Time Loop


Oregon Trail meets hipsters in The Thule Trail
Throw Me

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