Monday, November 12, 2007


To paraphrase the late (and great) Russell Casse:

Ha-ha-ha! Hello, everyone! I'm back!

Granted, I almost came back earlier in the week because the prospect of Rosie O'Donnell having a program on a news channel was almost too horrifying to contemplate, but I was able to resist the urge, and maintain blog silence. Thank god nothing came of it.

Of course, I missed a week of commenting on pop cultural phenomenon, but I don't think the world was unduly influenced by that, because in that state I was in, I don't think even if I uncovered something amazing, I couldn't have done it justice.

What I ended up doing on my blogging vacation:

1) I actually went outside (I am as shocked as you are!). Luckily, there wasn't really any sun so no one got blinded by the light reflecting off my paleness.
2) Saw a couple of movies I had always put off watching before. (Really, how could I call myself a blogger in this field having never seen This is Spinal Tap... it was a travesty of justice really)
3) Got a good night's sleep. That, that I really needed.
4) Devised something which I will likely show you on Tuesday.
5) Came up with a varied list of things to actually blog about when I final came back.
6) Thought about the movie Real Genius with the cast of NBC's The Office, and laughed and laughed, especially when Jim, Pam and Ryan filled Michael Scott's house with popcorn while Dwight Schrute was inside.

But most importantly, I really recharged my creative batteries, which means that blogging doesn't seem so hard anymore. Woohoo!


Semaj said...

did you get to listen to the audio commentary on Spinal Tap's DVD. that 's probably one of the funnest commentaries I've heard, because they're in character the whole time.

MC said...

I will say this... it somehow made the movie Four Rooms funnier too. You see, my favorite line from that movie was when Ted the Bellhop was about to quit and called his boss(Kathy Griffin) and she asks him what the problem is and he exclaims: "Problem? I haven't got a problem. I've got fucking problems. Plural." and it is so Christopher Guest.

Micgar said...

I haven't seen Four Rooms. Saw TIST though-that was excellent! One of the funniest movies about RnR ever made in my opinion.

Micgar said...

Oh- glad you're back!

MC said...

I agree... and it launched a whole genre of movies as well, which takes some doing.

Becca said...

Hooray he's back...and the writers guild should totally hire you to do their PR great post on the strike.

MC said...

I think I am too much of a firebrand to be a good PR guy for them. ;)

Tuffy said...

You should post a latecomer's review of Spinal Tap. How it lived up to the hype, how it was and wasn't what you were expecting, etc.