Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A funny thing happened at Youtube

A funny thing happened to me on my way through Youtube today.

You see, a few days ago I was watching the long video for Kraftwerk's Autobahn, and there was this comment: "yech...what the hell is this music?!"

And I left a comment saying that it was Krautrock, which is what that genre of music is called.

Unfortunately, I think some people took my use of the term "Kraut" in that term as an insult to Germans, because my comment received some thumbs down, but I didn't invent the term, and in any other context, I don't refer to Germans by that term. It is just that terms is the most accurate and inclusive one for a certain kind of music from a certain time period.

Put it this way, if the music of the British Invasion had been called Limeyrock, I wouldn't get offended by that, and I think it was strange that it happened to me. It also makes me wonder


reasonable robinson said...

Or Celine Dione as Canadian cRock?

The Aussies would of course call it Pommey Rock and we would call theirs either Jail House Rock (subtle!) or Ayers Rock

Tuffy said...

Yeah, well, the Germans aren't exactly ones to talk.

(God, I love giving them shit for the whole WWII thing. Let's never stop. Never!)

SinisterDan said...

Welcome to the ranks of those kicked in the face by the reflexive and thoughtless application of political correctness.

For one, I'm proud of you for having been thoughtful enough to understand how its not offensive.

Damn Canuck...

MC said...

RR: Trust me, Canadians bash Cancon as much as anyone.

Tuffy: I don't think it was Germans that were casting aspersions in this case.

SinisterDan: And the same to you, my compatriot.