Monday, October 01, 2007

Franken Berry/Boo Berry coming back?

About a year ago, I did a guest post over at Apropos of Something about how much I missed Franken Berry cereal.

I know, I know I'm an adult and I shouldn't be that nostalgic for a sugary sweet cereal from when I was a kid, but man, I've been jonesing for some for quite some time.

But recently someone I know was shopping in the States and they were on the look out for it and the stockboy told them that Franken Berry and Boo Berry are going to be coming back in a big way. How awesome is that.

Yes, General Mills has been making these cereals the entire time, but in very limited quantities over the years. There were still markets that had the cereal year round, and in other places, Franken Berry and Boo Berry would appear on the shelves around Halloween. And it was also available from However, Count Chocula was the only cereal of that product line that was available everywhere.

But now it looks like that may be changing so all us children of a certain age can get our berry-flavored fix.

This is certainly one rumor I hope turns out to be true.


The Foo said...

never really had this one. not sure whether i'll like it as i don't particularly like strawberries in my cereal.

Jeremy Barker said...

I think these cereals are enjoying a pop culture renaissance combined with the fact that we "kids" now have the income and wherewithal to buy what our parents wouldn't lets us. Viva sugar nostalgia!

MC said...

Foo: It is a nice sweet strawberry/marshmallow flavor.

Jeremy: See, that's why their unavailability as of late has boggled my mind. I mean, they are pure nostalgia for people our age.