Friday, October 12, 2007

20 Questions: A Meme

Since it is an easy, breezy Friday Afternoon, I thought it was time for me to make up a new meme.

Basically the premise is that you ask and answer 5 questions each about literature, movies, television and video games. You can use some or all of my questions, and you can make up you own if the fancy suits you.

And like nearly every meme here at Culture Kills, you are under no obligation to do this, as there is no tagging slot with this one.

So here we go!


Best books you read in school: Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

Books you hated in school: Catcher in the Rye and A Separate Peace

Book you keep meaning to read but haven't gotten around to: I have a copy of Don Delilio's Underworld sitting on my table... it has been with me for almost a decade.

Favorite Author
: Terry Pratchett, with James Ellroy a close second.

Place from a book you'd like to inhabit: The Dublin of Joyce's memory in Ulysses


Most satisfying plot-related death: Officer Tenpenny: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - That dude had to die, he just had to.

Most satisfying ending: North America's Final Fantasy II - That thing wrapped up almost every storyline in the entire game.

Most Disappointing ending: Final Fantasy VII: What was that?!? It was a ripoff, that's what it was.

Favorite lead character: Has to be Cortez from the TimeSplitters games... bet you all thought I was going say Solid Snake or someone from the GTA games, didn't you.

Game you wish you could play but can't: (because you don't have the console or your computer won't run it) - One of the three great First Person shooters from the Xbox 360 (Bioshock, Gears of War or Halo 3).


Favorite show all time: WKRP in Cincinnati - I loves me some Les Nessman and Bailey Quarters.

Favorite Theme Song: The Equalizer, Mastermind (Approaching Menace), and CHiPs.

Have you ever bought a series on DVD that you didn't watch on TV first: Well, I bought 30 Rock because I couldn't watch it on Thursdays. I guess that counts.

If you had to stop watching a particular show, which would be your first choice: As I said last night, it would likely be CSI

Should NYPD Blue-style swearing and partial nudity be back on the air: Hell Yeah!


Best Shootout: The Hospital Scene in Hard Boiled.

Best Car Chase: The Chase in Nice in Ronin.

Best Fight Sequence: The final fight in Kung Fu Hustle.

Character actor you love to hate
: This was a close one, but I think the late J.T. Walsh wins out over William Atherton.

Someone who should be in every movie released this year: Samuel L. Jackson. Come on. You knew I was going to say it.


Schadenfreude said...

"Books you hated in school: Catcher in the Rye and A Separate Peace"

Amen, brother.

MC said...

Holden Caufield: Whiny Bitch or Emo pioneer?

Bart said...

Thanks, I needed something easy to break the bubble.

MC said...

I'll tell you this... making a meme is a lot harder than one would think. ACK!