Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stumbleupon Finds: August Edition

Because I took that whole hiatus around Labor Day, this is a bit late. Sorry.


They are making toys really realistic looking now.
Me Play Joke by Luke Chueh
Great VR Photography by Peter McCready.
Samus Aran by Ivan Flores
Mr. E
Walgreens celebrates Black History Month


Now I understand Lindsay Lohan because of Flowfield Unity
Cyanide and Happiness Mustache Contest
Butternut Squash's American Beauty Homage
Mark Stivers' Why I will never be president
Joy of Tech's If Pets could blog
Chinese Recalled Products from Big Fat Whale
Silent Zombie Movie from Hockey Zombie
Family with a Rabbit
Lunchboxes from You Damn Kid
Foxtrot takes on World of Warcraft
To All my Ex-Girlfriends
Drug Sniffing Dogs at Cartoon Bank
The All New Sesame Street
A Clockwork Green from Truck Bearing Kibble
Life in 8 Steps from Savage Chickens
Censorship Made Easy from Penny Arcade


I wish there was video of this
Happy Little Rabbit
The 20 weirdest experiments ever
If World War II was an MMORPG
Wil Wheaton Indicted over Robot Fighting Ring
Things to do when your bored
25 of the world's weirdest animals
Top 20 Taboo Subjects for American Politicians
The 25 Greatest Action Movies Ever


A Baby Otter. Need I say more?
The Long Road Home
Awesome Office Prank
The American Civil War in 4 minutes
Mark Fiore's Aye Spy
David Lynch on Product Placement in Movies.


Micgar said...

Man I love some of those comics! Like the Big Fat Whale stuff! Great links!

Adam_Y said...


It's Adam from The Flowfield Unity – I just wanted to say thanks for the link and that I'm glad you like my comic.

Nice Lohan reference too, hadn't thought about that, but I could have been writing specifically about her.

MC said...

Micgar: The breadth of talent in online comics is stunning, isn't it?

Adam: That reminds me, I should give you a better attribution(that the comic came from Flowfield Unity that is)

Thank you for stopping by :)

Micgar said...

there are so many people puttin out such good strips! and consistently too!

MC said...

Makes me wish I could draw...